Basic Course
in Double
curso básico Dupla de kitesurf
Basic Course in Dual
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Invite a friend. While a rest of the kite pulls information listening, observing and following the instructor who teaches the other who is directing the kite. Relay are from 10 to 10 minutes.

The lesson plan in three days is the same for both students.

In three days the basic course are included in double shipping - roundtrip - for Pico, complete with lifesaving equipment and helmet for both students vest.

Day 1
  • Safety Rules
  • Types of Equipment
  • Wind Direction - Aerodynamics - with 2 meter kite.
  • Kite Control - exercises direct the kite with autonomy
  • Knowing lines and connections - with 5 meter kite
  • Exercise 1 - Pulled by kite in the water with the body - Body Drag
  • Exercise 2 - Coordinate movements with kite
    know and use the plank on the water
  • Exercise 3 - Safety on the water - self rescue.
Day 2
  • Take off the kite on the beach after connecting properly
  • Relaunch the kite from the water in situations of sailing
  • Exercise 4 - Handle and rescue surfboard on water
  • Exercise 5 - Use and understand the areas of strength and neutral
  • Exercise 6 - Attempts to stand on the board - water start
Day 3
  • Exercise 7 - Check the pulse when the kite is positioned standing on the board

    Exercise 8 - Improve body position for balance

    Exercise 9 - Techniques for sailing

    Exercise 10 - Control the speed and the brake during sailing

General Observations
  • THREE days in the basic course are included transportation - and back - for Pico, fully equipped with lifesaving vest and helmet.
  • Sparehours for staff with practical = R$ 200,00 / hora
  • We do not rent equipment for beginners, only when instructor and transport pair Point school are included.
  • For advanced experienced we rented complete equipment may include lifesaving vest and helmet.