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our History

The INFO KITE SCHOOL was founded in 2004 by Mark Gocio, Argentinian, practicing professional wake board for six years. He began practicing kite surfing in 1999, leaving aside the Gasoline-powered boats to enjoy the new sport moved only wind.

In Jericoacoara just wanted to kite surf. His union with Bebel Medeiros, Brazilian, by then resident Jeri,made ​​them together, participate in the development of the sport in Jeri.

Discovered new points, like the Dune Sunset, and Mangue Seco, were the first to sail these peaks, today filled with kites.

After 9 years of experimenting, learning, accumulating experiences, teaching courses on all beaches and lagoons in the area, descobriram o School Kite Point, found the School Kite Point, in the Guriú area, a place that offers the best result for the lessons. in 2010 founded the Association JAK- Jericoacoara Kite Surf – with a mission to support local athletes, organize tournaments, promote social projects and protect the labor market that involves kite surf in the region. It also acts as a mouthpiece of the issues with the sport of Jericoacoara National Park.

Instructors and Technical
  • Experienced instructors!
  • The KITE SCHOOL INFO offers instructors and instructors.
  • Instructors guide students according to their evolution and customize the course to psychology adapted to each student.
    Good teaching is essential for the full utilization of the lessons.
  • Kite Surf's Technical! A good instructor is essential! Our goal is that students finish the course, independent, safe and certified. To enjoy the wonders of this nautical sport.
  • It is a risky sport if practiced without guidance in inappropriate places or with old equipment and deregulated. It is essential to use new and revised equipment and the course is taught in a safe place for lessons.
  • After three days! With cohabitation, assimilating information, the student will be prepared to evaluate, and operate in various situations of everyday life of a kite surfer really! Without risks.
  • For each student during practice lessons are included lifejacket and helmet.
Our team  /  Meet our Instructors

Our classes always happen in Guriu river. Our latest discovery !!!!
Fincamos batisamos flag ... and this peak "SECRET SPOT"
Perfect condition: walter FLAT! Smooth and shallow water. A real lab! A pleasure to those who teach and those who learn to ease

Marcos Gosio
Marcos Gosio

Instructor / IKO

Argentine Mar Del Plata and professional practitioner Wake Board for six years, began to learn kite surfing in 1999. "I put aside the Gasoline-powered boats to enjoy the surf kite moved only wind!
After Jericoacoara
saberde not want another life ... "
Mark likes to teach is patient,
humorous and mostly have technical!.

Bebel Medeiros


Is among the first three women
surf kiting in Jericoacoara !!
Brasileira de Fortaleza-CE.
Always has a simple explanation to dispel doubts of students.
"Our goal and
the student to move forward,
we sail together since the last
day of the course and take good pictures .... ".

About Us  /  Passionate about Kite!

 For one thing, we are passionate kite surfers the sport, enjoyed every free time to sail and practice new maneuvers !!
It's been a good friend of us to enjoy the best of Jericoacoara ...

our Partners  /  Our friends

A guide partners the Jericoacoara and Kitesurf.

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