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Transport for different Points

The KITE SCHOOL INFO offers transportation to the different peaks Kite. For experienced are many options:

Beaches with waves - Prea

Calm beaches - Mangue Seco / Lagoa Tatajuba

Wind Down with boaters traveling several kilometers with support cars following the beach.

All days are organized groups for sailing, with the detail that must be schedule in advance.

mangue seco The Mangue Seco Beach hides a Fisherman's Village behind the dunes and mangroves. The wealth of its people are mainly in crab and fresh oysters, super cheap! On the beach we can see the routine of fishermen and sea during the downwind, we have to dodge a barrage of sticks (pen) Costume fishermen of this region.

DOWN WIND = 6 km / West coast
OUTPUT= Armando kites after Dune Sunset.
WIND = Side-shore (parallel to the beach)
LEVEL = Beginners and Advanced
CONDITIONS = * wavy sea with few waves
* Corral Fisherman will 5km (row of sticks) output
* Area "off-shore" and flat water at the end of the route.

rio guriuThe River Guriú Beach is marked by where the river meets the sea. The village stands out for fishing, its colorful fishing boats and ferries will be oar, which are used for pedestrians and vehicles to cross to the other side of the river are a spectacle!

The greatest wealth of Rio Guriú is undoubtedly the natural reserve of Seahorses

DOWN WIND = 12 km / West coast
OUTPUT = * Armando kites after the Sunset. (N.1) * will be leaving from the beach of Mangue Seco. (N.2)
WIND = Side-shore (parallel to the beach)
LEVEL = Advanced
CONDITIONS = * Big waves on the coast (n.2) and his encounter with the river
* Rio perfect "flat" !!! Mangrove vegetation around.
* (See n.1 dry mangrove)           

tatajuba is famous for being a true white desert. To get there, you go from the dune sunset, passing the beach of Mangue Seco, Guriú River by crossing ferry will paddle with local fishermen and follow along a deserted beach to the village of Tatajuba, which was buried by the dunes, today its residents living from tourism and farming. Later through the dunes is Lagoa da Torta, a peak of sailing to kite surf and Wind.
time to enjoy a good relaxed in hammocks, eating barbecued lobster and sailing in fresh water!

DOWN WIND = 35 km / West coast
OUTPUT= * Armando kites upon Dune Sunset. * will be leaving from the beach of Mangue Seco. * leaving Rio Guriú, before crossing vehicles
WIND = Side-shore (parallel to the beach) almost all the way.
LEVEL = Advanced
CONDITIONS = * Leaving the ferry before the river is a special peak !! Still lies ahead, 15 km "downwind" * "wave" at sea and "flat" in the river * In the lagoon the gusts gives more power on the heels !!

PreáThe Preá Beach was the first to receive the kite surfer visiting Jericoacoara. Today, we are more knowledgeable about the sport, became even better for those who already have experience. High waves along its entire length ... Style "wave" amazing !! we just
a refuge "flat" 300mts. Sheltered behind a large rock that separates the Parque Nacional da Prea beach, this is our preferred "point" to give kite lessons with surfboard, wind direction helps to recover the plank is thrown out of the sea by the waves.

DOWN WIND= 12km  /litoral leste (no retorno)
OUTPUT= * Armando kites at the beginning of the park (in the framework of the stone)
WIND = “side-on-shore”(from the sea)
LEVEL = Beginner and advanced
CONDITIONS= * Perfect for wave style!
* Peak super smooth (flat) 300 mts extension
* Last stretch "down Wind / extreme"
Wall of stones 4km and landing on the main beach.
* Beginners finalize the "Wind down" at the entrance of the trail through the dunes, go to the vehicle.