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Jericoacoara is special to learn Kite Surfing. The winds provide a course without interruptions and ample beaches are safer for classes, favoring beginners.

Jericoacoara is 320 km from Fortaleza. And this whole coast is full of safe beaches with wind favor and good will toward ideal for long Down Wind ... "shore-side" Take us to engage with your transfer IN (Fortaleza to Jeri) Private 4x4 (beaches! ) knowing all these paradisiacal beaches! Sailing in front of Jericoacoara (Main Beach) remains exclusivity Wind Surf. The wind conditions are "off-shore" (pushes the sea) forming perfect waves! So the tip is: Take advantage of this peak in the arrival of Wind Down (from the Beach Preá.-East Coast)

The wind direction begins to switch to "OFF SHORE SIDE" The attraction is a sea of ​​plain water "flat" with a good sequential waves of the cove. It is ideal for advanced maneuvers train! BRINDLE FOR TRAINING WIND AROUND THE DUNES, EFFECT VENTURE. Best of all is the proximity to the town, can walk 150 meters from the main beach, no wasting time ... (we'll buggy) The peak also has support boat / rescue. The look is amazing! for those who are sailing and who is on top of the dune enjoying the sun Sunset ...

Exclusivity experts! Arrodeada rocks and big waves ... Is "up wind" (wind up) Main Beach are 200mtr walk and the wind "SIDE SHORE". A super sailing where radical blend candles kite and wind surf.
Vale worth checking out!

For lessons from beginners to KITE SCHOOL INFO Exclusive offers Pico, Pico aprender.Neste the best for the formation of the beach makes it seem a huge pond, flat, calm water at waist level, flow unhindered and without many kites. There is a higher shipping cost, since to get there, plus the distance there is the use ferry to cross a river, making access and protecting the Pico with much use. The Pico is in a fishing village west of Jericoacoara.
Along with the natives of the place prepared a tent support, shady, cool drink and a bit of comfort for customers KITE SCHOOL INFO. The site should be preserved and maintained, we are in Jericoacoara National Park.

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aulas de kitesurf de um dia
One day lessons

Jericoacoara is the ideal place to practice Kitesurf, enjoy at least take
one class from one day when on holiday on the beach in Jericoaocara.

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best kite
Best Kiteboarding

We work with the BEST equipment with the highest quality in school lessons. Also Rent and Sell Best equipment.

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Pousada em Jericoacoara
Inns in Jeri

An Optimal ratio of cost and benefit.
Very well located hostel there are 150m from the beach,
in the town center.

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